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A smart, simple way to save 20% to 60% on dental care!

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The C500 Dental Discount Plan

Looking for an affordable, easy-to-use dental plan? The C500 Dental Discount Plan offers you an easy way to save on dental care. Members save an average of 20% to 60% off the standard fees of dental procedures, including routine exams, teeth cleanings and root canals. In addition to standard features, this plan features 20% off on orthodontics for children and adults. Call us at (877) 377-6587 to start saving with the Careington 500 Dental Discount Plan today.

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Dental care

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Using the Careington 500 Series discount network, members enjoy saving 20% to 60% on most dental procedures, including routine and preventive dental care, major dental work, specialty treatment and cosmetic services. Key features include:

  • Nationwide access to one of the nation's largest networks of participating dentists and specialists
  • Ease of use, no limits on use and no eligibility exclusions - anyone can sign up and save
  • Members may visit any participating dentist and change providers at any time
  • Significant savings on routine and specialty dental treatment from a quality network of providers
  • Published fee schedules that offer cost and savings transparency

Sample Savings Chart

Sample Savings

Procedure *Regular Cost **Plan Cost Savings
Amount $ Percent %
Adult Cleaning $132 $44 $88 67%
Child Cleaning $94 $36 $58 62%
Routine Checkup $78 $22 $56 72%
Extensive Oral Exam $136 $32 $104 76%
Four Bitewing X-rays $89 $29 $60 67%
Composite (White) Filling Code $210 $74 $136 65%
Crown (porcelain fused to high noble metal) $1,498 $654 $844 56%
Complete Upper Denture $2,152 $832 $1,320 61%
Molar Root Canal $1,459 $565 $894 61%
Extraction (single tooth) $255 $75 $180 71%

* Regular cost is based on the average 80th percentile usual and customary rates as detailed in the 2018 FAIR Health Report in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago & NYC metropolitan areas.
**These fees represent the average of the assigned Careington Care 500 fees in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago & NYC metropolitan areas.
Prices subject to change.

C500 - 1/11/19


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  • DialCare Teledentistry provides a comprehensive teledental solution. DialCare Teledentistry offers convenient, robust care through 24/7/365 virtual consultations with licensed dentists via phone or video chat for advice and diagnoses on a wide variety of oral health ailments, urgent care, dental-related questions and second opinions. With DialCare Teledentistry, you can access the care you need on your schedule.

DialCare Teledentistry can advise you on the following:

  • Oral pain
  • Broken, chipped, sensitive or misaligned teeth
  • Gum swelling and bleeding
  • Sores, lesions, swelling or infections
  • Orthodontia needs
  • Providing expert second opinions to give peace of mind for oral health diagnoses and treatment options
  • Providing clinically appropriate, non-DEA controlled prescriptions when needed
  • And much more

When to use DialCare Teledentistry:

  • For non-emergency dental issues, questions and concerns
  • When you live a significant distance from a dentist
  • For second opinions on dental care
  • When your primary dentist is unavailable
  • When traveling within the U.S. and in need of dental care or guidance
  • During or after normal business hours, nights, weekends and holidays
  • To avoid unnecessary trips to the E.R.

State availability may vary. Please visit dialcare.com/states for up-to-date information.

TDNC - 8/4/20

Why Choose the C500 Dental Discount Plan?

When you sign up for the C500 Dental Discount Plan, your discounts can be used right away and as often as you need them with unlimited plan usage. Since this plan is not insurance, you don't have to worry about waiting periods or plan eligibility. Everyone is accepted! Become a plan member and start saving on:

  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Extractions
  • Dentures
  • Fillings
  • X-rays
  • Braces (children & adults)
  • Adult cleanings
  • Child cleanings
  • ...and more

Washington residents, click here to see the plans available in your state.

Plan Rates

Option Monthly Annual

$8.95*per month $89.00*per yearBest Value

+ One
$13.95*per month $139.00*per yearBest Value

$16.95*per month $169.00*per yearBest Value

*Plus a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $20.00.

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